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General Objectives

The general objectives of the 5th Conama Local are:

  • Consolidate a continuing forum for dialogue and debate on cities and sustainable development open to all stakeholders with a view to promoting communication between them.
  • Help establish themes, objectives and key deadlines that are essential for Spanish cities and towns if they wish to accept their responsibility to the challenges of sustainability, with a shift in their short, medium and long term development strategy.
  • Identify tools needed to assume these objectives and best practices implemented.
  • Promote and disseminate knowledge and facilitate the exchange of successful experiences.
  • Promote rural development and opportunities for territorial cohesion in terms of sustainability.

Special Objectives

During the fifth edition in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the following special objectives have been added:

  • Integrate new local government teams into the debate on cities and sustainability, together with new development models.
  • Build bridges of dialogue between Spanish, European and Latin American cities on major topics related to urban sustainability.
  • Use innovative discussion and participation mechanisms, also open to social networks, to maximize the learning opportunities and dialogue offered by the 5th Conama Local Meeting.
  • Connect the debate among experts, specialists and technicians with the public, promoting the environment and the proper bidirectional channels.
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