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An event we have titled Conama Local and that will be special because:
  • At Conama Local, Hamburg will transfer the honour of being European Green Capital to Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Conama Local is part of a global deliberation process; but thinking big does not imply overlooking daily issues. Consequently, it will also focus on the analysis and study of on-going experiences and everday problems. 
  • Conama Local will en the first big event where it will be possible to speak about cities and sustainability with the new local authorities in Spain…
  • But ist will also be a bridge to Europe and Latin America, as municipal representatives from European and Latin-American cities have been invited and will be integrated into the event.
  • A congress in the street. A city like Vitoria-Gasteiz is the ideal location to speak about sustainability in the streets, bringing the issue closer to citizens. And also for participants to experience, for a few days, a practical example of a city committed to its environment.
  • A virtual event, because, by streaming it live, it will extend to social networks and enable the participation of all those unable to attend in person.
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