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This legal notice is intended to govern access to and the use of this WEBSITE by USERS accessing it.

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CONAMA reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate to the WEBSITE by adapting (adding, changing or editing) the content (text and graphics), layout, source code and any other information or services as it sees fit.

The reproduction, distribution, processing or presentation of the WEBSITE, in part or fully, or of any text or elements that comprise it (including source code) on other websites, computer networks, media or supports, whether analogue, digital or of any other nature, for commercial or distribution purposes or use is strictly forbidden unless prior express written permission is obtained from Fundación CONAMA and, if relevant, from third parties.

Fundación CONAMA grants no license or permit of any nature on its intellectual property rights or any other type of rights in connection with the WEBSITE unless specific agreements are reached with third parties.

Fundación CONAMA must expressly authorize, in writing, the establishment of any link on another website directed to this WEBSITE or to any item or page of it.

USERS agree to use content and services offered through this WEBSITE in an appropriate manner and not to use them for the following reasons:

1. Any use that is contrary to the laws of Spain, European Union regulations or that infringes the rights of others or any action that goes against the privacy of individuals.

2. To post or transmit any content that, in the opinion of Fundación CONAMA, is of a violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racist, xenophobic or defamatory nature.
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