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We want this Conama Local VG to be innovative; not only in relation to the subject matter, but also in the way it is organised. With this in mind, we have planned a number of proceedings in which the contents will be discussed openly:

Plenary Sessions

Joint sessions with all the participants at the Event. The plenary sessions will discuss different approaches to "re-formulating cities". Four experts will make an initial presentation followed by a discussion  combined with questions in writing submitted by the audience or via twitter.


Round Tables on Policies

Sessions aimed at uncovering the strategic proposals of the new local governments based on the subject matter discussed at the Event. There will be a discussion with a moderator who will interview four mayors or representatives from local governments on their medium-long term plans for their cities and their plans related to the different aspects discussed at the Event.


Technical Sessions

Sessions dedicated to discussions on consolidated experiences. A technical committee will select the experiences and the questions that will be put to four speakers, who may make an initial speech and then go into greater detail based on the questions submitted by the audience and by the public following the event on twitter.


Network Café

Selection of eight experiences to be submitted as the basis of a discussion at tables accommodating 8-10 people. Three consecutive 25 minute presentations/discussions, changing the audience each time.


Workshops (Pecha kucha)

These will consist in a number of presentations based on a proposal that will be explained by the interlocutor as a way of providing context. After this introduction, the speakers will present their ideas using the pecha kucha method, as a way of sharing the thought of several speakers, maintaining a high level of interest and attention by means of very concise presentations. Each speaker is allowed to use 20 images or slides, displaying each one for 20 seconds.

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