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This conference intends to go beyond the conference halls and integrate with the host city in several ways:

  • Enabling lo attendees to integrate into a welcoming city that ist committed to its environment, guided by a number of excellent hosts: a group of volunteers from Vitoria who will assist those who wish to "experience Vitoria-Gasteiz" for a few days.
  • Scheduling visits related to the topics discussed at the Encounter.
  • Taking "technical" debates into the streets, through a network of volunteers who, along with some of the speakers, will present some of the topics at city civic centres.
  • And listening to any pinione views the citizens may wish to contribute during the closing of the event.

And, in addition, we would like to use social networks to involve those who are unable to be in Vitoria-Gasteiz during the event.

  • For months before the event and long after, we will be talking about cities and sustainability on twitter and facebook.
  • The main sessions of the Encounter will be streamed live and internet users may participate en the discussions.
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