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Integrated Events

During the Meeting, two integrated events will be programmed together with a number of additional activities and meetings  with a view to considering other issues and perspectives in greater detail. These events will be promoted and organised in general by other collaborating institutions.


  • Exhibition of panels

Based on participants' experiences and projects. An exhibition displaying what cities are doing in relation to sustainability.

  • Meeting of small municipalities

Organised by Fundación Conama with the collaboration of the Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs. Based on the Conama Award for sustainability in small municipalities.

  • Networking

A space dedicated to half-day meetings for networks and groups of cities cooperating on a number of issues. Apart from involving networks in the Event, these meetings uncover a range of subject matters of interest for cities and the integrated and shared processes in which advances are made in relation to the use of bicycles, a commitment to preventing climate change, sustainability indicators, support structures for municipalities...

  • Special presentations

A space reserved for presentations by collaborating companies / projects of interest, that add content to the Event programme.

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